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Lighter Pre Order

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Color Scheme

*Pre Order* Please allow 2-3 weeks for your custom lighter to be made and shipped to you :) Thanks for y our patience!

Feel free to leave note at checkout with any special requests and I will do my best to make it happen!

Stacked Acrylic Lighter Sleeve w/ Chain and Clip + Bic Lighter 

Handmade in Brooklyn, NY



Coasters/Table Blobs:

 How to clean?  Wash with soapy water, wipe with microfiber cloth. Spray with a glass/mirror cleaner for extra shine. 

 Are these food safe?  Yes! 

 Can I use as a trivet for hot dishes?  Nothing straight out of the oven, but warm dishes are ok. Our acrylic is safe to use with temperatures ranging from -40F to 200F, however, it is not recommended to use with temperatures over 180F for long periods of time

 What else can I do with my coasters? Here's a few ideas! Place under a house plant, on a shelf, under a candle, or under a soap dispenser on your bathroom counter